We are Simplex !


Business Process Automation

All tasks and business processes are completely automated, which allows business users to work more efficiently without the risk of human error.


Customer Satisfaction

Our application allows you win with your customers, helping you create a user experience that is unmatched anywhere.



Because our application are customizable and can accommodate rapid changes, we help you address your major pain points while we remain responsive to your needs, both short-term and long-term.

Success Stories

Our Work

At Simplex, we are known to give our clients a unified digital experience that makes them lead and thrive with technology.


Our Integrated Business Solution comes with seamless transition from one channel to another giving you the capability to do what you need from any channel at any time


Our Application remembers what you were doing in other channels and propagates your activities across all the channels


Our Integrated Business Solution adjusts to your operational context with focus on your preferences, history, time of day, location etc.