About Us

You can always trust us for the provision of innovative business solutions with first class support.

About Simplex

Wholly-owned Nigerian software company established in 2002.
Provide solutions for ;

  • Financial Services
  • Pension Fund Management
  • Oil & Gas
  • Insurance
  • Lease
  • Healthcare
  • Other Sectors

Excellent reputation for building configurable business solutions that adapt to specific needs of our customers.
Extended reach beyond Nigeria as customers grow and expand.
Deliver tried, tested and seamless support proven on time and within budget.
Totally committed to helping our clients achieve their vision of providing excellent service to their customers.


Our Core Values

To achieve our vision and daily reinforce our mission, we are committed to, and strongly subscribe to the following shared values

I - Integrity

Our people are reputed for unflinching uprightness and high ethical standards.

C - Commitment

The members of staff understand and believe that success of the company and by extension their own success, are a collective responsibility and will be enhanced by a positive attitude towards the company.

O - Ownership

Our Staff conduct themselves at work and outside work as if they own the company.

R - Reward

Our staff gives their best knowing that their achievement will be recognized and rewarded appropriately.

R - Respect

In our company everyone looks out for another, and treats one another in a humane/brotherly manner at all times.

E - Excellence

We persistently create better ways of doing things we do; enhancing businesses. Our staff expects more of themselves than our clients do by exceeding expectations in every projects.

C - Competence

Our staffs possess the knowledge and skills required to carry out tasks. As Professionals, we are able to demonstrate the capacity to integrate and apply our skills and knowledge in varied and complex situations in the services of our clients.

T - Teamwork

Each of us recognizes the value of the skills, abilities and cooperation between relevant persons and units towards delivering seamless and superior values to customers.

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