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High School Basketball Stats We don't want to get all pocket protector on you but we love high school basketball stats. Yea, Kobe's stats keep going down but maybe he's justjust Capitals jerseys china saving up for the playoffs. There's only one way to know and that's basketball stats. Why should the pro's have all the fun? They shouldn't. Basketball is different from most other sports in that the specific stat categories are generally the same forfor cheap Capitals jerseys free shipping each position on the floor. Granted, a center will probably get more blocks and guard will probably get more assists but there's nothing barring any position from getting any stat. So what are the key stats? Points. That's pretty obvious. The main category for high school basketball isis womens Capitals jersey points per game. Look, defensedefense cheap Capitals jerseys may win the games but we're all nuts for seeing the slashing drive or pull up jumper end in 2 points, saying nothing of the screams a 3 pointer will elicit. Points is also where you can do the most damage in Fantasy League since a player is going to have more points than blocks or other stat categories on average unless they're the high school equivalent of Dennis Rodman. The the big scorers in your league early in the fantasy draft. Next up is Rebounds. Typically, this is the second category in total numbers behind points. It tends to be more dominated by Centers and Forwards of the game although I saw Dallas' BarreraBarrera new Capitals uniforms at roughly 5'8" rip a rebound from the middle of the paint last night. Once the scorers, have been taken, look at rebounds and if you're lucky, you'll find players with both. Pretty similar to rebounds but generally not up to the same numbers would be Assists. This category tends to be dominated by guards and especially point guards since that's their role in some respects. Again, ideally you combine Assists with Points in one player for the double down approach. The next few categories are not as numerous in a usual game but they're electrifying to the crowd so we gave them more weight in terms of fantasy league points. After all, who doesn't love a block, steal, or dunk. People go crazy for that. You'll even your Uncle Stew with the 36 pack on his stomach stand up in excitement. He'll sit right back down with a thud but he got up! That's how cool a block, steal, or dunk is and that's why we weighted them for more points in the fantasy league.