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High School Participation Rates Lacrosse continues to expand when mostmost 76ers jersey for kids sports are not. And lacrosselacrosse cheap wholesale 76ers jerseys is among the fastest growing sports that are in the top 15 in popularity. Data on school sponsorship and student participation are compiled annually by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).(NFHS). cheap chinese 76ers jerseys The tables below, which are also available as PDF files to facilitate printing (sponsorship and participation), show in most cases the top 16 boys' and girls' HS sports in terms of schools and participation for 2012 2013 with comparable data for earlier years. Also see the graphs beneath the tables. Boys' lacrosse again placed 13th in sponsorship (number of schools) and 11th in participantsparticipants cheap 76ers jerseys free shipping (number of athletes). Girls' lacrosse also finished 13th in sponsorship but was 10th in participation. Note: The NFHS's universe is limited, so there are 1,100+ boys' and 600+ girls'girls' official 76ers jersey lacrosse teams and their participants not included in the totals. In many states, the NFHS umbrella does not include all schools. High schools in states where lacrosse is not officially sanctioned are simply not reflected in NFHS figures.