Tech Tips: Follow THESE steps to split screen in Windows 10

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Tech Tips: Follow THESE steps to split screen in Windows 10

Under the General tab, uncheck the appropriate boxes to block this app from loading during the log-in process. The first annoying thing I noticed when Windows 11 booted up was a large promotional screen asking me to sign up for a Game Pass using the Xbox app. It may be different for you, but I never, ever want the Xbox app to run on my laptop. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided that the Xbox app should start automatically for every Windows 11 user. Since the update to Windows 11 is for all intents and purposes inevitable, it is important to be ready for the transition when it occurs. For AMD, Windows 11 CPU compatibility goes back to processors released in 2018 or later.

It’s simple enough advice, and screen recording software makes it easier to follow. Screen recording is a great way to explain anything to someone else. A screen recording is a simple, fast and easy process. ShowMore – Free Screen Recorder is a free audio/visual screen recorder. Save and upload any screen activity with a variety of choices for additional audio…

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While installing, the only option you need to double-check is that the “Automatically start PowerToys at login is checked. You can always manually start the app after logging into Windows but, this is one less step you need to do every time you need to log in to Windows. If you are looking for a much more customizable and setup with multiple windows/sections follow through.

  • You can execute the following command in an elevated command prompt, and restart, to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode.
  • If you want to uninstall a program from Windows 10, do not simply delete the program file or folder — that can cause problems with Windows.
  • Do you spend a lot of time moving and zooming windows, so you can better see and work with all the content on your Mac?

Unless you have a powerful computer that can handle the performance requirements of higher quality audio, the default settings should be adequate. Deluxe or Premier users can access advanced screen recording features including the ability to draw on your screen. You can find out more about our advanced features on our Pricing page. You will see a bunch of options, such as screenshot, recording, and microphone, among others. Now you can hit theStart Recordingicon to commence your screen recording.

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It can be any application, from a gaming application to a Microsoft Office application. The Xbox Game Bar doesn’t serve as a webcam; it will only record screen applications. Most of the apps in this list let you record using a webcam and your display. It’s a complete tool for broadcasting, meaning you can add as many displays and cameras as your computer can handle. You can also create customizable “studios,” preset audio and video configurations that you can cycle through during a recording.

The screen recording process is roughly the same across Android devices. First, choose your recording option (full screen, custom area, etc.) from the Record tab. Then, click on the Stream tab and select the platform to which you want to stream.


SnagIt works best for those who want an “easy button” on their desktop at all times that they can simply push to record what they are doing, without adjusting too many settings. Once installed, the SnagIt button sits in your Windows toolbar and can be clicked to activate. There are many features within, but we are only interested in the following screen capture settings. OBS Studio is overall the best free recording software for Windows as well as a great free video editing software option.