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Case Studies

General case studies of how Simplex has helped clients achieve their most critical technology needs.

Meristem Wealth Management Limited

Industry: Investment Management


Function: Wealth Management, Financial/Investment Advisory, Asset Management, Tax Planning, Estate Planning & Wealth transfer Service, Retirement Planning, Succession Planning Services, Fund/Portfolio Management Services, Real Estate Advantage Portfolio.


Firm needs to consolidate data from multiple systems, different sources and present it in an easy to understand format

Meristem Wealth had a variety of ERP’s that is used to capture and store Customer Data, Transactions, Investment Deals, Market Share activities.

Aggregate financial data, Customer Data Profiling and making it consistent and usable

Optimize the process of analyzing financial data on managed funds and funds under management.



Meristem deployed Qlik BI to monitor market and counterparty risk analysis for different Funds and assets

Leverage on Qlik BI to Aggregate data from multiple sources of data such as ERP, CRM

Using Qlik BI, Meristem created applications to generate reports, ease data analysis, and focus actions on sensitive data

With Qlik BI, Meristem created Applications to enable them achieve;

Financial Analysis: Provides dashboards and ad-hoc analysis; Analysis of funds and their composition; Analysis of deviation between funds and their benchmarks; Analysis of ex-post performance and risk indicators; Analysis of ex-ante risk indicators.

Executive Analysis: Assess via dashboards and monthly reports key financial metrics across funds, performance, deviations, and risk.


Benefits for Meristem Wealth Limited

+ Achieved considerable time savings for report generation and management analysis

+ Improve the overall quality of the analyses and reports produced and Ensuring data accuracy

+ Greater understanding of what is happening across the firm’s activities

+ Reports are now be instantly updated

+ Aggregated Information from disparate source systems, Saving time in data extraction

+ Provide instant access to necessary financial details of transactions, financial status and balances for top management.

FCMB Pensions Limited

FCMB Pensions Limited (formerly Legacy Pension Managers Limited) – (“FCMB Pensions “) is a private limited company incorporated in Nigeria on April 7, 2005 with the sole objective of carrying on the business of a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) as defined under the Pension Reform Act 2004.


Industry: Fund Management


Function: Pension Administration, Fund Management, Programmed Withdrawals, Risk Management, Capital Market and Asset Management.



FCMB Pensions required a Business Discovery tool that consolidates Business Performance in a single platform using Dashboards, Reports and Analysis, which will in turn provide visibility into fund, account, portfolio holdings and securities performance, allowing interactive slicing and dicing of data for portfolio management.


Prior to Qlik BI, the FCMB Pensions management team relied on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets containing information on different asset classes and portfolio details to generate the required time weighted metrics.

FCMB Pensions opted for Qlik BI to monitor weighted performances across its Assets for its Portfolios.


Business results and benchmark multiple key performance indicators against targets and budgets by product, geography, industry, line of business, Funds etc.

Enable investigative discovery of with fully automated financial reporting system that reduces the strain on the finance department

Financial Investigate income, RSA, AUM and expenses across branches to identify trends and efficiency opportunities while ensuring consistency and transparency

Executive Analysis: Assess via dashboards and monthly reports key financial metrics across funds, performance, deviations, and risk.


By deploying Qlik BI, FCMB Users were able to:

Achieved considerable time savings for report generation and management analysis
View and analyze aggregated intra-day data across multiple and disparate sources
Communicate performance across stakeholders including Board, executive suite, employees and shareholders.

Leverage on mobile access to business data that can be instantly analyzed and shared
Improve performance by providing comparison points and benchmarking against internal targets, competition and operational performance metrics
Provide stronger revenue tracking against forecasts and more robust analysis of sales by region, product, fund, customer etc.

African Alliance Insurance Plc (“AAI”)

AAI was incorporated May 6, 1960 Life Assurance Company in Nigeria.


Industry: Insurance


Function: African Alliance Insurance Plc is widely recognized as the most experienced and strongest Specialist Life Assurance Office in Nigeria, serving thousands of customers with personalized insurance products tailored for each stage of their lives.



Our business journey with AAI started in 2000, when AAI acquired her first suite of IBS namely: Investment Moneytor, Fixed Assets Management and Vehicle (Asset) Expenses – AutoLog 2000 Control. The database was in Pervasive and later moved to SQL in 2004.

Prior to the acquisition of these softwares, AAI operation processes was manual, but this was quickly eliminated within the short period that we deploy our solutions. Moreover, AAI has since then be enjoying the ROI on its investment.


Solutions deployed

We continuously improve the gateway by fully integrated and flexible solution, which allows African Alliance to change and evolve processes and structures without technical constraints.

Amongst solutions we have partnered with African Alliance Insurance to deliver are listed below:

We delivered an upgrade, scalable insurance, financial management solutions and business intelligence tool (Qlikview).

+ First class reporting, resulting from improved data collection, database and reporting tools.

+ Seamless Integration with financial application.

+ Notification Alerts [SMS & EMAIL]

+ Multiplan Life Insurance Solution

+ Groupplan Life Insurance Solution

+ Takaful Islamic Insurance Solution