Is a real-time investment portfolio management software designed to monitor your investment to the last kobo.


Very robust in investment tracking.

Un-paralleled daily valuation calculations with historical tracking

It has extensive capability to interface and interact with other system e.g. Galaxy, Tetra Sage, Sun Accounting System, Globus, CPAS, NSE, INTEGRA, etc. (It also comes with a powerful accounting system).

It is built for Multiple funds management from scratch.

It is the only solution around that has an in‑depth module of each of the following six areas of investment: Equities, Loan Stocks, Treasuries/Money Market, Leases, Mortgage, & Real Estate.

It is designed with the exceptional Nigeria environment in mind as well as internationally rated.

The solution is user friendly or build around extremely simplified investment process work‑flow.

It is multi-currency based.

It gives the user the capabilities to develop or design specific report using crystal reports. (Crystal Report is the most popular report writer in the world over).