Takaful is a type of Islamic insurance, where members contribute money into a pooling system in order to guarantee each other against loss or damage. Takaful-branded insurance is 100% Halal compliant and explains how it is the responsibility of individuals to cooperate and protect each other while making it very simple, easy to use and maintain.


Underwriting: Simplex takaful manages all underwriting process from creating customer information to proposal, hospital bill and decision processing.

Finance/account: Simplex Takaful manages all receipt process which include receipt capture, receipt verification, receipt upload, receipt reversal, etc. and interphase to any general ledger.

Investment management: Simplex Takaful manages all takaful investment process from counter party capture, investment portfolio and allocation of profit and loss to customers.

Claims: Simplex Takaful manages all claims process from matured claims, surrendered claims, death claims and part withdrawal.